Acceptable Use of Internet, Technology, and Network Resources

The School District of Philadelphia is providing students and its employees with many opportunities to access technology hardware, network systems and the Internet. This access is for education, learning, and research purposes only. At school students must agree to follow the rules of appropriate technology and Internet use. The following is a summary of the rules and regulations regarding Internet use:

1. Acceptable Use Students will not copy material and hand it in as their own work.

Students will cite all URLs that are used in reports and projects.
Students will only visit web sites that are appropriate for children.
Students will not download any music or plug ins that take up valuable bandwidth and slow down the system.
The use of file-swapping and media streaming services, such as downloading and listening to music on the Internet is wasteful, disruptive, and is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on all District computers and networks.
Giving personal information on the Internet about yourself or anyone else is forbidden.

2. Privileges

The use of the Internet is a privilege, and as such the final decision regarding who has Internet access rests with teachers, staff, and administrators. Any violation of these rules will result in the loss of Internet and computer use along with possible suspension.  Students will only visit appropriate, teacher recommended and approved websites.  Email accounts are not allowed by the School District of Philadelphia without proper authorization from the principal.  Students may not attempt to harm or interfere with computer performance and/or systems.

3. Etiquette

Students are expected to follow rules for appropriate behavior on the Internet. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Students will use appropriate language.

Information that a student retrieves from the Internet is for the student’s use. The student does not own it and did not write it. A student must identify where the information was found.  Students will not download files unless approved by the teacher.

4. Online Safety

Students will not give their last name, address, telephone number, or parents’/guardians’ work address or work telephone number to any one on the Internet.  If something is found on the Internet that makes a student uncomfortable or upset, the student will speak to an adult immediately.  If a student finds him/herself on an inappropriate site, the student will click the Back or Home button to leave that site within 5 seconds. The student will then tell an adult.

5. Truthfulness

Students understand that not all information on the Internet is accurate and correct. The School District of Philadelphia is not responsible for the accuracy  or the quality of the information found on the Internet.

6. Security

Moffet students will have many opportunities to connect to the Internet, however,  students will not visit the Internet without permission and adult supervision at all times.

7. Vandalism

Any student who intentionally damages a computer, the network, or any documents that belong to someone else will be held responsible and will face possible suspension.