English Courses

English, at Overbrook High School, are foundation courses which outpace the English programs of most high schools. While aligned to national and local core curriculum, all English courses include sequential requirements in the study of the novel, the short story, poetry, drama, creative and academic writing, and rhetoric. After the freshman year, students have the opportunity to take more challenging coursework through the Sophomore Honors, Junior (Language) Advanced Placement, and Senior (Literature) Advanced Placement English courses. The Honors and Advanced Placement courses are for high-performing English students who wish to be challenged at a more advanced academic level than our regular Accelerated classes. For any questions regarding English courses, please contact Leah Pearson, English Department Chairperson in room #308 or at lepearson@philasd.org.

English 1 (9th grade)

In the ninth grade, students review English grammar, mechanics, and usage. They undertake a formal study of vocabulary and etymology. Students also write short and extended, timed and untimed, creative and academic letter- perfect essays that follow the writing process. Students then learn the elements of library research and begin to learn the techniques of oral communication and public speaking through formal reports, recitations, and literary discussions.

English 2 (10th grade)

In the tenth grade, students interact with the curriculum at a more sophisticated level. Students continue with a concentrated study of English grammar, usage, and vocabulary. Students write moderately shorter essays in response to literature using a more sophisticated writing process. Students also continue to advance their skills.

English 3 (11th grade)

In the eleventh grade, students interact with the curriculum at an even more sophisticated level. Students apply learned English grammar, mechanics, usage, and vocabulary/etymology as they review elements of style and rhetoric. They continue to expand their vocabulary in preparation for the PSAT and SAT. Students write longer, more analytical, academic essays and a Junior Thesis, the required fully developed research paper. Additionally, students continue to practice techniques of oral communication and public speaking through formal reports, literary discussions, dramatic readings, and debates.

English 4 (12th grade)

In the twelfth grade, students continue to review elements of style and rhetoric across all genres, as they study, primarily, World Literature, and relate those skills to understanding the individual’s role in a global society. Students will write college essays, personal essays, and extended essays that analyze, compare, and synthesize works of literature and non-fiction. Students will deliver multi-point, multi-discipline, oral presentations.