Future Ready PA Career Portfolio using Naviance

“This year in collaboration with the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, Naviance tasks have begun to be embedded in content area curriculum. This will first be seen in the new Math curriculum (grades 4-12) and ELA (grade 3). Applicable performance tasks have been aligned to Career Education and Work (CEW) Standards and Naviance tasks will reflect these activities. Tasks to be completed in ELA  (grades 4-12) will be continued to be seen in the ELA Quarters At-A-Glance. All tasks and surveys for Q1,Q2 and Q3 scope and sequence have been released and can be found on the Naviance Resource Site.

Please note the College SearchTask for Grade 8 in Q3 and the FAFSA Award Letter Comparison Task for Grade 12 should be supported by counselors. This is an opportunity for counselors to discuss college as a postsecondary pathway option with their students.

Training and Support:
With the transition of Future Ready career readiness portfolio activities using Naviance being implemented by teachers we want to ensure we are supporting schools by offering PD, live support and resources.

1.Counselors may be utilized for technical assistance in supporting teachers with getting students logged into and navigating the Naviance Platform.
2. The asynchronous session: Career Education & Work  Standards (CEW):  Future Ready PA Career Readiness Indicator & Curriculum Integration is available on all DWPD days. This session can be found in Cornerstone for the February 8 districtwide PD day.
3. Bookmark and utilize the Naviance Resource Site for all things Naviance.


Most students with special needs can complete Naviance with their usual classroom supports in place. A special scope and sequence has been developed for COMPLEX NEEDS STUDENTS ONLY and SPECMS will be responsible for ensuring this task is completed for these students in Naviance. SPECM questions should be directed to Laquenta Montanez, in the Office of Specialized Services. Please visit the Diverse Learners and Special Populations section of the Naviance Resource Site HERE for guidance on how to complete the quarterly assessment for these students”.

Cathey White
Senior Project Manager

The School District of Philadelphia | Office of Postsecondary Readiness
440 North Broad Street, Suite 210| Philadelphia, PA 19130

T: 215-400-6728