English 3

In the eleventh grade, students review elements of style, usage, punctuation and capitalization according to need as displayed in their writing. Students continue to expand their vocabulary through formal study. Students will be given practice in the three modes of writing: personal narrative, persuasive writing, and informative writing. Students write longer, more fully amplified essays about subjects relating to their lives as well as essays mostly in response to American literature. They continue to practice the writing process with the aim of refining texts for presentation including the required fully developed research paper. Students continue to practice techniques of oral communication through formal reports, panel discussions and dramatic debates.

Required/Recommended Units:

*Summer Readings – to be announced Idvlls of the King

Writing Unit to include: A formal research paper 19th or 20th Century Bildungsroman

(using print and technological resources); (e.g. (David Copperfield)

development of organization skills, peer consultation, American Short Story (e.g. “Rappicini’s

revision, editing and proofreading; Daughter”, “Young Goodman Brown”)

approximately two presentation pieces of at least

300 words each report period,

Vocabulary (from context or more formalized),

Oral Presentations (memorization and varied modes of


Modern American Poetry (e.g. Poe, Frost, Dickinson),

Macbeth and another Shakespearean Comedy or


Multicultural literature of America (e.g. Native Son),

American Novel (e.g. Scarlet Letter),

American Drama (e.g. Death of a Salesman, The


Home Reading (at least five selections such as A

Separate Peace, A Catcher in the Rye, Hiroshima,

The Woman Warrior, Their Eyes Were Watching

God, Huckleberry Finn)