Principal’s Message

Overbrook High School is known for being the “Castle On the Hill”.  It is a Legacy high school that holds a special place in the West Philadelphia community.  The students, parents and staff of Overbrook High School are highly committed to maintaining a safe, structured, academically rich environment.

Overbrook is committed to providing students with individualized academic plans based on the student’s needs and goals. We service the whole child by incorporating meetings with students to discuss various topics based on students’ needs, concerns and social emotional health.

Students at Overbrook High School have the opportunity to participate in CTE programs in the areas of Multimedia, Health Services, and Building Maintenance courses.  The CTE programs at Overbrook High School extends into the community with internships and jobs.

Our sports programs are an important part of the high school experience as they build team collaboration and high expectations for all students.   Students that generally participate in sports programs are supplied with tutoring, academic check-ins, and celebrations for academic as well as social emotional growth.  Additionally, our student’s participation in sports programs has brought several awards and recognition to our students based on their performance; which in turn continues to uphold the legacy of Overbrook High School.

As the Principal of Overbrook High School, I am dedicated to supporting students and their families with their transition into adulthood.  High school can be a rewarding experience and our team is here to assist in the development of Overbrook’s future award-winning alumni.