Science Courses

Biology (9th grade)

A college preparatory course involving laboratory and lecture designed to make students aware of the beauty and mystery of living things, and to understand their responsibilities for developing and maintaining the proper interdependent balance of nature. Among the topics covered are ‑ use of the microscope, understanding the nature and characteristics of life, the origin and evolution of life, the chemistry of life, the basic cell, energy interrelationships, plants, animals, ecology and genetics. Required of all 9th grade students.

Anatomy/Physiology (10th – 12th grades)

This course will introduce students to laboratory technique used in both anatomy and physiology. Systems will be studied from both a microscopic and gross anatomical approach; the cat will be the dissection animal. Concomitant with the anatomy, there will be lectures on each of the systems studied. Skills required for gross and microscopic identification, as well as the logic for understanding physiological relationships will be developed.  A nominal lab fee is required to cover the costs of supplies related to dissection.  Prerequisites: Biology, with a “B” or better.

Environmental Science (11th and 12th grades)

Students who are interested in environmental and ecological issues are invited to apply for this course. Air quality, water quality, and recycling will be studied. Also included will be public policy and law. There will be opportunities for social action and expression of legitimate concerns. Students will be expected to draw upon previous experiences in Biology and Chemistry so they can actively participate in the class. This course includes laboratory activities and outdoor field work.

Chemistry (11th grade)

A college preparatory, lab based course offering topics such as use of the metric system with quantitative relationships, matter and energy, classification of matter, formula writing, equations, quantitative gas relationships, atomic theory and structure, periodicity, bonding, analysis of solids and liquids, colligative properties of solutions, ionization, kinetics, thermodynamics, halogens, nitrogen and sulfur, some organic and some nuclear chemistry.  Participation in laboratory exercises is mandatory and will comprise a significant proportion of the final grade.

Physics (10th grade)

A college preparatory course incorporating topics such as measurement, mechanics, kinematics, dynamics, vibration and waves, heat, electricity, light and atomic theory. Laboratory work is offered in all of these areas. Successful problem‑solving in the course presumes experience in geometrical constructs and some trigonometric functions.