Dr. Kahlila S. JohnsonPrincipal
Ms. Ayesha AktherSocial Worker
Mrs. Shakeerah BarrettTeacher Lead Support/Emotional Support Teacher
Mr. Ramon Contreras 9th & 10th Grade Assistant Principal
Ms. Dana Carlomagno Clinical Social Worker
Mr. David CraigheadSocial Studies Teacher/PFT Building Representative
Mr. Larry Dore School Scheduler/Social Studies Teacher
Mr. Randell IvorySpecial Education Compliance Manager
Ms. Bethany McCabe11th & 12th Grade Assistant Principal
Mr. Robert MillerPhysical Education Teacher/Athletic Director
Mr. Deworski Odom 9th & 10th Grade School Culture and Climate Administrator
Ms. Leah PearsonInstructional English Coach
Mrs. Karletta Poland School Counselor
Mr. Micheal Slawson 11th & 12th Grade School Culture and Climate Administrator
Mrs. Lynn Fahr English Teacher
Mr. Ezra GoodmanSocial Studies Teacher
Mrs. Naima Powell-YoungSpecial Education Teacher
Ms. Andrea Ciggs Social Studies Teacher
Mrs. Christina Moran-JohnsonScience Teacher and School Base Science Lead
Ms. Hortense BanchevSpanish Teacher
Ms. Tonie Davenport 11th and 12th Grade Counselor
Dr. Tammy Russell10th Grade Counselor
Ms. Danielle TurnerSecretary
Mr. Nicholas VaralloSocial Studies Teacher
Ms. Christina Woody Special Education Teacher
Ms. Miranda YanceyFamily Peer Specialist and Attendance Designee
Ms. Jessica YoungbloodHealth and Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Joseph Macon Math Teacher
Mrs. Sunila GordeScience Teacher
Ms. Erika GreenEnglish Learning Support Teacher
Mrs. Myla Grier English Teacher
Ms. Deloris Henry Student Climate Support
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